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April 8, 2009

Our Sister Church
Called Out Ministries
Pastor Clovis York

Please pray for the church in Red Boling Springs as well as the new work that Pastor York just started in Scottsville KY. Pray that God will bless the food bank that is at the Red Boling Springs location. And help them to be able to start one at the Scottsville, KY location. Pray that God use them to reach many people for Christ at both locations. Pray that the Lord will bless Pastor York’s family and give Him wisdom to be able to pastor both locations.


The Persecuted Church

UZBEKISTAN – Persecution of Believers Increasing – Forum 18 News Six Christians were detained after police raided a home in Kurgantepe, Andijan, Uzbekistan, where believers had gathered to share a meal, according to Forum 18 News. Three Christians were detained at the Kurgantepe Rehabilitation Centre for Homeless Persons for not having their identification documents with them. One was released on March 6 for health reasons while the other two were released on March 13. Three other believers were sentenced to 15-day jail terms for allegedly violating procedures for teaching religious doctrines. At last report, they were being held at the Temporary Detention Centre of Kurgantepe Police Department. Meanwhile, on March 11, Roman Tsoi, a member of the Korean Baptist Church, was sentenced to 10-days in jail for “violating the procedure for arranging and holding gatherings, meetings, street marches and demonstrations” in the country’s capital, Tashkent. The charge comes after approximately 20 officials barged into the church on March 6 during a prayer meeting, reportedly searching for foreign missionaries. The believers were told that they needed to obtain special permission to gather together on days other than Sunday and could not meet later than 10 p.m. At last report, Tsoi was being held at the Tashkent City Police Department’s Detention Centre. Ask God to protect believers in Uzbekistan. Pray the prisoners will be released and that they may forgive their persecutors.